Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Vision, Part VIII, The New Beginning

When I was lead through the door, the councilors were seated at a long table in front of maybe 50 chairs. I sat up front and in the center as the councilors thanked me for the medicine. I was urged to discuss the proposal I had mentioned earlier to one of them. I asked the council if it would be alright if those that were to be involved in this endeavor, that they may be present to hear of this account. The council didn't seem to have a problem with this, but wanted to share a few things with me first.
Apparently, other than the local farmers who had been cooperating all along, I was the first from "the outside" not needing assistance and who was presenting something to offer. They were hopeful that there might be others like myself, who might eventually come in. However, they thought this wasn't likely to happen, coming from our area. From what they could gather from eye witness accounts and aerial flights made over the area, suggested that perhaps 80 to 90% of the population had expired. That most small rural communities had not fared well at all during the long winter months. Starvation had disseminated whole communities and in some, evidence of cannibalism had been discovered. I was assured, that it wasn't likely any groups of people survived within at least 40 miles of the location that I came from. That being the very small community next to this one. The council was cooperating with other communities and would soon become trading partners with them. They were cautiously becoming optimistic about the future. However even more were expected to die due to their weakened state before things could be turned around.
I thanked the council for their insight and information. This put my mind at ease somewhat, it did answer many questions that I had. My wife and the others who were going back with us, were brought in and seated.
I explained to the council, that this group of people and I would attempt to bring in "harvests" coming from the area, into the community. I would need time with this group before more people could be brought on in helping to achieve this endeavor, that would likely be in the late summer. We had already enough fuel stock piled to make three such trips back and forth in the boat that I had arrived on. This would likely increase as more fuel was expected to be gleaned. If the council would a lot us the goods to bring forth a dry crop and those of preserves would be much appreciated. The council quickly agreed to this and assured us that they would help all they could providing labor, boats and fuel to bring forth all that could be harvested. The council asked us if there was anything else we might need before we started our journey back? I requested a dozen chickens and chicken wire to contain them, this was also quickly granted. Everyone seemed pleased, I shook hands and thanked each member of the council. Our group would leave the community at nine o'clock the next morning.
At the seven o'clock morning report on the radio, the announcer came on almost ecstatic. The whole community was going to do something that was monumental! It was going to send off, for the first time, a dozen people of it's own on a mission! That this mission would almost guarantee fresh fruit and those of preserves coming into the community! This would greatly ensure the survival of the community in the coming months. That these "explorers" would only be the first needed to start up the operation and many more would be called upon later that summer! Everyone was expected to gather at the "Welcoming Station" to send these "brave hero's" off!
There was a large crowd of perhaps, 2,000 people gathered in front of the station when our group was assembled. Upbeat music was playing over the loud speakers as the crowd cheered! Our group was then greeted with handshakes by every member of the council. Pictures were being taken of this event. Then a two-way radio was presented to the group and more pictures were taken. The councilors wished us well and would be looking forward to our return.
The crowd parted as we made our way back down the hill. There was a lot of tears, hugs and handshakes, moving through these great people. It had been a long journey for them of unimaginable horrors, yet they managed to stay alive. I felt proud to be leading this group of people and knew they would be productive, if only to support the brethren they were leaving behind. They would grow strong again and it would be soon when more people would be brought on. This was the start of a new day and there would be many more to come.
At the beginning of this journey, it was my hope there would a chance of survival for my wife and I. Perhaps now, we'll have the chance to begin a new life together, one that is worth while....
Many thanks, yooper


FARfetched said...

Nice ending. Probably true about people coming in who are bringing aid rather than asking for it, too.

I'll write more later, I have to digest first.

Anonymous said...

Sunshine at the end of the tunnel!

auntiegrav said...

Give everyone a gun. You will have to be a better neighbor or a better shot. Both are useful skills.
Religion was invented so that missionaries could be sent to teach natives not to eat the salesmen.
Community First, I say. Or move to Da U.P.

yooper said...

auntiegrav, ha!ha! That's the funniest thing I've heard in awhile! Now if we can only figure out why salesmen were invented?!

Hope you check out the January archieves, there's something there for you...

Thanks, yooper

auntiegrav said...

Salesmen were invented to sell a future that nobody needed or wanted. They are doing a bang-up job, as can be seen in Iraq and the NFL.

yooper said...

Welcome auntiegrav! Been checking your site out, I'm very impressed.
I consider Henry Ford to be one of the greatest inventors of the world. In that respect, perhaps the greatest salesman, however I don't think he knew what he was selling, what do you think?

Check out my thoughts in the Janauary archieves, The Jack of Spades, The Industrial Environment.

Thanks, yooper.

auntiegrav said...

Henry Ford was doing fine until the accountants and lawyers took over. Too bad he was a zealot. His vision was grand of a tractor and car for all of His employees. Too bad they were Fords, though. It might have worked if they didn't burst into flames. ;-)
Not to mention that genetic supremicist and fascism thing.
If there's one thing I have learned about inventors, they rarely know what they are doing. It's guys like Lee Iococca (the ultimate salesman) who make inventors rich, not the other way around (and assuming that becoming rich is the goal for this context, and not creating a future). Inventions are like artists and armpits: everyone has at least two and they both stink.....;-)

yooper said...

auntiegrav, ha! ha! Yup, Lee Iococca as the ulitmate salesman! ha!

Think Ford was in anyway responsible for "consumerism"?

auntiegrav said...

Consumerism is everyone's baby. Giving Henry the benefit of the doubt, I would say he tried to use marketing to fulfill his dream of little farms for everyone with a Ford car and Ford tractor and Ford refrigerator, etc., but consumerism itself goes all the way back to the beginnings of religion. It's the concept of selling something that people wouldn't otherwise buy without coercion, then getting them addicted to it as a culture, and never exactly providing a solution to their current needs. The car that doesn't have enough cupholders, the computer that needs upgrades, the house that doesn't hold enough stuff, the Life that isn't fulfilled until you die. (Kissing Hank's Ass--search for it)
We evolved to believe there is a tiger in the grass, and that part of our brain gets us to believe everything that sounds like it could be true.
Orlov's Stage 5: we get to eat the salesmen again.
The U.P. has always been in Stage 2, often hovering between Stage 3 and 4 in the winter. The prisoners that escaped Marquette probably thought they were in Stage 5, though.

yooper said...

Yes auntiegrav! Like you're idea of consumerism! I think consumerism, is a lot like everything else, it evolves over time.

Ha!ha! Yup, the U.P. has been in a in stage 2, ever since I can remember! Nobody wanting to take a chance on many ventures and most business before they come in, know in advance they'll be looser's, a write off. It's mighty hard to run a business dependent on tourism to make you're money in a six week period. ha! ha! Go to the bank with that! ha!

Stage three and four in the winter? ha!ha! You bet, a lot of yoopers get'en cabin fever! ha! I'm one of 'em. Ha! you bet, the prisoners had it better where they were, suppose any of them went back? ha! ha!

Thanks, yooper

auntiegrav said...

"You might be a yooper if prisoners that escape from the local prison turn themselves in when they can't find their way back to civilization." (or their skeletons are found by hunters)

When is spring coming? Ma says that I probably have more snow than up nort'.
Most of it is ice now.

yooper said...

auntiegrav! ha!ha! I lied on BNB, when I told those people I never seen "collapse". I've been living it my whole life! ha! You bet, thats one of the reasons why the prison's are here, what chance would they have on the outside? It's a hell of a drive for 'em to go across the Sceney stretch and expect to make it across this land on foot. Especially, during the spring and early summer, they'd be drained of blood from flies! ha!ha!

Yup, we still have snow, asshole deep. Quess, most people don't know what I'm talking about of being "isolated" in the snow, in the story. You've got to experience it, to believe it. No salesmen, during winter or buggy months here. ha!

Thanks, yooper

Anonymous said...

OK, Yooper. I've dropped by and perused your blog, starting in January.

Your ideas are interesting, but I'm not exactly sure how to respond to them.

Rev. Brian Carpenter

yooper said...

Hello Brian! Thanks for stopping by. Lets start at the beginning, at the Royal flush in Spades series, in the January arhieves. I'll be happy to try and answer any questions that you might have.

Perhaps, we can start with the education I recieved as a child? I'm forever referring to this, any thoughts?

I can remember well, when one time another educator (from another town) filled in for our preacher who was sick. His sermon was called,"Social Ills of Society". He stood up there for about an hour and produced a horrifing scenario, not so different from the one presented here.

This message was directed TOWARDS two boys (I was one them) and not AT them.... My folks were so impressed BY THE WAY he went about this, I soon found myself being tutored futher by this man.

Thanks, yooper

yooper said...

Oh btw Brian, I made this site as a reference point, that people can come to and there have beeen literally hundreds that have done so. This saves me from repeating the same message over and over again and saves people of trying to find my messages eles where. If you don't feel comfortable posting here(ha! most people don't! ha!) I'll be happy to check your site out, please post it here, or send me a PM from Michael's.

I'll likely not contribute any more articles or concepts unitl later this year or early next year. However, please check the ones on here out.

Thanks, yooper

Anonymous said...


I did actually start there in January, figuring it would be the most logical place to do so. I confess I did not read everything in detail, but I did read some in detail and I skimmed the rest.

Your convictions seem to be summarized thusly:
A. Human beings are probably going to suffer a massive dieoff.

B. It has something to do with electricity failing and society descending into a dystopic maelstrom.

C. Only the strong and prepared will survive.

I do not think this scenario impossible. Dieoffs have happened in our past. Most recently with the Black Death in the Middle Ages.

As for the electricity going out and things descending into anarchy, New Orleans provides ample enough evidence of that sort of thing. We are tamed creatures and would most likely starve if we ever got out of our cages.

Guns and food and gold are good. I have all three now in varying quantities.

But my primary interest is in ways of being in community which are alternative to the current economic and social order. Perhaps these communities would emerge out of your scenario (or Kunstler's) but I doubt it. Just having any community under such circumstances would be a major accomplishment. Thus I don't know how to respond to your ideas.


auntiegrav said...

Maybe this will help, B:
International Conference
on Peak Oil and Climate Change:
Paths to Sustainability

May 30 through June 1, 2008
Grand Rapids, MI

I don't think physical preparedness is going to make as much difference to the individual as mental preparedness and localization of resources. Luck will do the rest to determine who fits through The Hole to the future, and what else will fit through along with (if) people fit at all.

yooper said...

Hello Brian, Basically these ideas or concepts are secular and humanistic, so I wouldn't expect you to know how to respond (or answer) to them. I don't either!

I guess, I'm in the same boat as auntiegrav, in his thought. If you have the means to go to that conference, that may be a start, at least you'll be with other people who are looking for the same thing.

I've spent a great part of my life, researching, experimenting along this of thought and have no answers. The best I can do, using past historical, scientific facts and combining this with unproven theory, is to come up with perhaps half of the dull image.

These concepts I've laid out here are of deep thought, they must first be read, then understood. First you must know how to add before you can multiply, and so on. It's taken me a lifetime....

What's in it for me? If I can help just one person to have a better understanding of where we came from and where this is LIKELY to take us in the future, then I've done something. Perhaps this will help your search into an alternative way of life.

As for myself, I'm happy with what this day has to offer, as I try to prepare for tomorro, in that order. I've let go and am trying to let GOD, taking one day at a time. This is my only in the future.

Thanks, yooper

berto said...
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Jubilee on Earth said...

VERY interesting reading. Some comments caught my eye that I'll have to go back and read, as well as some of the earlier posts in your blog.

Glad to have found you!


Jubilee on Earth

yooper said...

Thanks Maria! It's basically a scenario assuming the power has been lost suddenly, which, isn't likely...However, if it was to happen, I suspect, something like this might happen?

I'm very familiar with Detroit and the surrounding suburbs. A very interesting discussion is now taking place about Detroit with beautiful high definition pictures over at latoc (Life After The Oil Crash and can be found in the General Discussion section) or here at,43340.30.html

I am, "The Black Knight" Hope to see ya over there! Once you're on the board over there you can personal message me if you wish!

Thanks, yooper

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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