Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome to Yooper's Trails

Hello, and welcome to Yooper's Trails. Most people who come here are interested in my collapse views and the reasoning behind this. May I suggest by starting in the 2008 archive with, "Collapse or Decline" By reading your way upward, you'll be actually going up the trail with me, getting to know me along the way. Our destination will be, "The Vision", a story based on the assumption that electrical power has been lost across North America. "The Vision" can be found by going to the links listed below.

The reason I brought forth this scenario is because most people envision power outage with collapse. This is my attempt in providing a view in what life might be like with sudden power outage. This kind of information isn't for everyone, so at that, you have my warning. Those of you brave enough to follow me on this journey, GOOD LUCK! If you have any questions, get my attention, I'll be on it like a duck on a June bug!

Thanks, yooper


berto said...
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skymetalsmith said...

Love your story. I started a blog spot myself a couple months ago. I am preparing. Seems the easiest way to get my self involved friends and family to prepare. When I was a youngster my large family camped for 2 weeks each summer on Lake Superior...Bay View Michigan was the name of the spot...near the Chippowah reservation. It was very rustic.

yooper said...

skymetalsmith, thanks. I will likely add to the site in the new year. More concepts and points, that I'm gathering now. I'm glad you're preparing. Preparing for a scenario such as this would be extremely hard, let's hope it doesn't come down to this! I believe we'll see much decline before this scenario takes place, but that could be years into the future. However, I believe, that this scenario will eventually go down in much the same way, across the country. That is, to think it'll gradually go down, is almost an impossiblity, as things stand now.....

Good Luck on you're site, I'll have to come over and check it out!
Thanks, yooper

Anonymous said...

Having followed the Archdruid for some time I have watched for your comments with interest as a fellow yooper. This is my first stop to this blog and read the whole thing.

I can't say I agree with your interp about everything, but essentially agree. I am thinking lack of fuel will be the UP's biggest problem with our transport being such a major factor. Most of my community could survive sans electricity and about 10% already heat with wood. If we all go to work for the local farmers to replace tractors and fertilizer we might get by.

I am dying to know more about these "instructors" of yours.

Currently I am trying to establish a chicken operation that does not depend on the transportation lines for supplies, outfitting for sail powered lake transport, and building an oil press. Please drop a private line if you are not too paranoid to "irp (at) lsnm (dot) org"

yooper said...

Hello fellow yooper! Ha! ha! I wouldn't expect you or anyone else to completely agree with what I've put forth here! ha!

A lot of this may be due to the fact that you were not educated in the same matter as I. The "instructors" were teachers/professors/doctors,(four from one public school, two from another, and three from the university), who were instructed to present "unorthodox" information/material from an outside source other than what is generally accepted as "normal". That is probably the best way I can describe this.... Most are dead now, and the only one left that I have contact with, refuses to say where this may have come from (or even admits to such circumstances) and is continueing to crush himself through alcoholism, as did the others......

Thanks, yooper

auntiegrav said...

Hey Yoop!
Found another fellow who rants as well or better than I, so now I can get back to work.
Read this:

p.a.turner said...

Yooper!! Love your work and the photos just add so much.
What wonderful mournful work.

your PO friend,

Anonymous said...

Wonderful site. Your book sounds interesting. My opinion about the coming powerdown is centered around the fact that there will be some who just give up and roll with the waves and those who make waves. People who are not ready to give up on technology will not simply fall away, they will find a way.

I like to think I fall into this group of doers and shakers. Overall, the general population will do as told, in order to eat and find comfort in a powered down world. I don't think it's going to be that bad really, At least we are starting off with a relatively educated population, how be they not so used to dealing with hard times. Plenty of leaders will be around to take charge. Good to meet everyone. :)