Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Descent, Controlled or Chaotic?

If you believe that our society will see some kind of descent, do you think it'll be controlled or chaotic (natural), or somewhere in between? Perhaps, it'll be both at the same time? There's a very good future scenario, now being described by the,"Old Horseman" over at LATOC (Life After the Oil Crash), suggesting a contolled descent. This can be found by going to discussion, then under the "best of forum" category. It's also a version of a commonly held belief also dating back fifty or so years. Basically speaking, this vision of the future usually assumes TBTB, (the powers that be), or the elite will control descent by concentrating people into cities and establishing a new sustainable way of life there. That is the controlled aspect of this approach and almost all those holding this belief think it will come, when electrical power is shut down in out lying areas. People are thought to come to these cities willingly after being deprived of power, food, medical attention, etc.. Those who are unwilling to conform to this approach will be left on the outside to fend for themselves, probably in a chaotic matter.

The Old Horseman's story is a must read for anyone interested in what our near future may hold. I won't bother repeating here, after all, it's only a few clicks away. His story or vision, is very much like the one described by, "Lord Rothschild" over at BNB. However, even though the structure is much alike, Rothschild went much, much deeper than the Horseman about how this would come about.... Rothschild, was forever insisting that it would be the elite who manage resource depletion in a matter that pleased them. Rothschild's view came in the form of people willing to take an implant chip to the brain. In doing so these people's behavior would be then modified to suit the ruling elite and in exchange for this service, credits would be assigned, enough to keep one "satisfied", within the system. Like the Horseman's thought, those on the outside would just have to fend for themselves... Rothschild also believed that by the continued use of "chem-trails", this would soften people's minds into eventually making the elite's dream come true. I don't know much about these things like brain chips or chem-trails, however, I do respect this personality immensely and will devote a lenghty article paying tribute to this personality.

I suppose, my own thoughts about descent are that we have been in a real decline for awhile, probably since man landed on the moon. I do believe in TPTB or the elite, however, I think, it's just now they have lost control they did have. It's possible they cannot mask this any longer. The model of continuous growth has run it's course. The world wide housing, credit, and consumption bubbles are evidence of just that. A catabolic collapse? Quite possibly. It would be in their interest to settle this quickly, while a certain amount of resources are still to be had, if they have the power to do so. I'm much more inclined to think, that the world is much too big for anyone or group of people to control. Perhaps the unfolding of this society will come naturally, almost having a "will" of it's own and there's little anyone can do about it. Certainly, one of the negative feedback loops of our industrial society has brought about is climate change. As our resources deplete any thoughts of building another world, are just slipping away. All waves eventually crest before they come crashing down........


FARfetched said...

I have to agree. If there was ever a entity attempting to control a decline, and I tend to be skeptical, they lost control a long time ago.

But… the "moneyed elites" have trained themselves to pretty much think no further than to the end of the next quarterly reporting period. Politicians think as far as the next election. That's certainly consistent with what we've seen — we knew this day was coming for 30 years, after all, and what did our "leaders" say? “Oh, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it." The rest of us pretty much came along for the ride.

Many of the conspiracy theories you hear nowadays were also put forth in the Y2K days: Y2K was being deliberately engineered by TPTB, and they would use it to assume complete control. But when you started looking at what they're saying, you'd often find that they contradicted themselves in subtle but real ways. I coined a word, "spazz," to describe what happened when such folks were presented with hard evidence contradicting their views: they clung desperately to their original beliefs. (Contrast with "fluff," the inability to comprehend evidence. Fluff Is Not Spazz.)

Logically, the elites have more to lose than we do — much of their wealth is electronic, and electronics require power, and power requires fuel. They're less able than we are to fend for themselves, too. What happens to them when money doesn't buy them anything?

yooper said...

Yes, I agree Far. You bet, the elites would have much more to loose, their whole world is built on greed and power. They'll be victims of their own vises...

I always contended over at BNB, that by the end of the day, the word,"elite" would soon be forgotten.

I think, we'll all be pretty much on the same playing level. Especially, if the lights were to go out suddenly. There very well could be angry mobs after these people, political leaders, etc..

auntiegrav said...

Far: yeah, Gold doesn't buy food if there isn't any food, BUT that assumes that the elite don't have a plan to eliminate competition for the food they already have under their control (foreign sourced, owned by corporations).
Chaos is fractal. Every region will have its own factors to consider (the spades are a good example, applied locally). I expect regional disassociation of the country.
When they declare Martial Law in Da U.P., does that mean they closed the road? How can you tell if it's in the winter, anyway?

yooper said...

Probbly, the biggest critic of my thought over the years has always been, where's the war? where's the elites? These are "constants".

Back at the old school house, the instructors viewed history in a linear line. That is we evolved from apes, or going back further, fish. Dozens of photographs were shown depicting, "gill flaps" on newborns. Can you imagine this? That was that, and so much for evolution theories.

No, the instructors where much more concerned about where this industrial evironment was taking us and the consenquences of it. The elites and war have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years and neither one had a dramatic impact on population. That is, not like the impact (die-off), they foresaw coming.

So in conclusion, the instructors viewed a chaotic descent of mankind, as they thought it was chaotic, (or natural) to become who we are today. They would not rule out anything like war or the power of the elites in contributing to this descent. However, they viewed this as mere consenquences (war,TPTB) of a chaotic collapse and humankind would either become extinct or evolve into something other than "modern man".

Now, I've said more than a mouthful here.....

Thanks, yooper